Best Champion Points Build For Stamina Nightblades


There is always some discussion about what champion points are best. I will give you some templates to aim for which I think work best for me. It highly depends on your group setup how many points in Penetration is required for example. Also note that vs Single Target only or raw AoE encounters, there are better options. This setup works very good for both scenarios. In general, I do 100% Physical with 73% Dot Damage, 7% Weapon (Light Attacks) and 20% Non-Dot.

Template for 90 Champion Points:

  • Green – The Tower: 30 Warlord
  • Red – The Lady: 14 Hardy, 14 Elemental Defender, 2 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 21 Mighty, 2 Precise Strikes, 7 Thaumaturge, 0 Piercing

Template for 225 Champion Points:

  • Green – The Tower: 45 Warlord // The Lover: 30 Mooncalf
  • Red – The Lady: 35 Hardy, 35 Elemental Defender, 5 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 50 Mighty, 7 Precise Strikes, 17 Thaumaturge, 1 Piercing

Template for 315 Champion Points:

  • Green – The Tower: 75 Warlord // The Lover: 30 Mooncalf
  • Red – The Lady: 50 Hardy, 50 Elemental Defender, 5 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 69 Mighty, 9 Precise Strikes, 24 Thaumaturge, 3 Piercing

Template for 531 CP

  • Green – The Tower: 93 Warlord // The Lover: 75 Mooncalf // The Shadow: 9 Tumbling
  • Red – Lady: 78 Hardy, 78 Elemental Def, 21 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 100 Mighty, 29 Precise Strikes, 40 Thaumaturge, 8 Piercing

In general, Warlord and the damage reduction stars from the Lady are the most “rewarding” things to put points in. But there are very good passive stars which require to put points into specific constellations like “Synergizer” in the Lover constellation.

In case you wonder why I didnt split the blue CP 50:50 between Mighty and Thaumaturge. There is a tipping point where you basicly get 0.2% increase per point on both. So when that happens, it’s better to keep stacking into Mighty as this buffs Light/Heavy Attacks, Killer’s Blade and Steel Tornado. Also IF you spam Surprise Attack, you benefit only from Mighty (vMSA for example).

If you want more in-depth templates and guides on nightblade builds checkout ESo Mastery Guide’s: ESO Nightblade Stamina DPS Build

ESO Mastery Guides is a great website for info about the elder scrolls online and ESO character builds.

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