Play Summoners War In 2018?


If you are new to Summoner War and you wish to get started on the right foot, then this is the ideal article for you. Summoner Wars is a tactical game usually played by two or four players. It is an amazing mobile RPG game that provides both hardcore and casual players with a thrilling gaming experience.

Players pose as summoners, who harness power from mysterious summoning stones (powerful relics of the past) and lead the race to conquer their summoner opponents in the war-torn planet of Itharia. This game is compatible with iOS and Android devices and has reported over 90 million downloads since its release in 2014.

How do you play Summoners War Game?
Being a player, you are required to assume the role of a Summoner. You need to upgrade your summoner and conquer all your opponents to win the game. The star rating of new summoners can range from 1 to 5 stars. However, as the game progresses, you can upgrade your monster to a 6-star grade. For beginner players, aim to summon 4-star or 5-star monsters. They might be hard to find, but their combat skills will go a long way to guaranteeing the victory of your faction.
Monster classes
Different monsters play different roles. They are either classified as attackers, supporters, tankers or defense. This classification is based on their combat skills which depend on their element type. These elements include fire, light, wind, water, and dark. You can transform the monsters through the “awakening” process which requires essences. Monster awakening can result in a new appearance, enhanced innate stats as well as new combat skills.
Tactical combat
For you to succeed in the fights, you need to comprehend the innate stats of your monsters. This allows you to take advantage of the deep, advanced upgrade and leveling systems and to leverage the combat skill of your monsters to defeat your opponents. In Summoner Wars, you can either play on your own (PvE) or play against other players (PvP).
Unlike other RPG mobile games, you have full control over the monster. It’s upon you to select which monster to attack with and what combat skills to utilize. Summoner wars also feature team-based tactical combats. This mostly applies in the word arena where players face other players in the battle to fight for glory.
In the arena, you will be allowed to build a team of five monsters to challenge your opponent’s team of five monsters as well. This is where your combat strategy skills are put into test. You need to combine monster with varying abilities to come up with a complete tactical team.
Use runes to boost the innate stats of your monsters. Note that, just like to summoners, runes come in varying grades and the higher the rating, the higher the stats it provides. Runes can as well be upgraded using the in-game currency known as Mana. The ruling faction in the land controls the magical Mana crystals.
Generally, Summoners War is an amazing RPG game worth a look. From its great graphics to the 3-D arena to an in-depth and attractive monster highland, Summoners War is an action-packed game designed to offer tactical players with a memorable gaming experience.

Best Champion Points Build For Stamina Nightblades


There is always some discussion about what champion points are best. I will give you some templates to aim for which I think work best for me. It highly depends on your group setup how many points in Penetration is required for example. Also note that vs Single Target only or raw AoE encounters, there are better options. This setup works very good for both scenarios. In general, I do 100% Physical with 73% Dot Damage, 7% Weapon (Light Attacks) and 20% Non-Dot.

Template for 90 Champion Points:

  • Green – The Tower: 30 Warlord
  • Red – The Lady: 14 Hardy, 14 Elemental Defender, 2 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 21 Mighty, 2 Precise Strikes, 7 Thaumaturge, 0 Piercing

Template for 225 Champion Points:

  • Green – The Tower: 45 Warlord // The Lover: 30 Mooncalf
  • Red – The Lady: 35 Hardy, 35 Elemental Defender, 5 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 50 Mighty, 7 Precise Strikes, 17 Thaumaturge, 1 Piercing

Template for 315 Champion Points:

  • Green – The Tower: 75 Warlord // The Lover: 30 Mooncalf
  • Red – The Lady: 50 Hardy, 50 Elemental Defender, 5 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 69 Mighty, 9 Precise Strikes, 24 Thaumaturge, 3 Piercing

Template for 531 CP

  • Green – The Tower: 93 Warlord // The Lover: 75 Mooncalf // The Shadow: 9 Tumbling
  • Red – Lady: 78 Hardy, 78 Elemental Def, 21 Thick Skinned
  • Blue – The Ritual: 100 Mighty, 29 Precise Strikes, 40 Thaumaturge, 8 Piercing

In general, Warlord and the damage reduction stars from the Lady are the most “rewarding” things to put points in. But there are very good passive stars which require to put points into specific constellations like “Synergizer” in the Lover constellation.

In case you wonder why I didnt split the blue CP 50:50 between Mighty and Thaumaturge. There is a tipping point where you basicly get 0.2% increase per point on both. So when that happens, it’s better to keep stacking into Mighty as this buffs Light/Heavy Attacks, Killer’s Blade and Steel Tornado. Also IF you spam Surprise Attack, you benefit only from Mighty (vMSA for example).

If you want more in-depth templates and guides on nightblade builds checkout ESo Mastery Guide’s: ESO Nightblade Stamina DPS Build

ESO Mastery Guides is a great website for info about the elder scrolls online and ESO character builds.